Armored® ceramic SiC multi curved ballistic panels

Product Details:

Armored® ceramic SiC multi curved monolithic ballistic panels for manufacturing body armor ballistic rifle plates.

Figure: SiC multi curved monolithic / integrated Big tile

Density: 3.1 ~ 3.15 g/Cm3

We have 3 Dimensions widely used for options:

1) Large type: measurement:  260mmm * 325mm
Thickness: 9.0mm
Weight:  2.3Kg

2) Medium type: measurement:  250mmm * 300mm
Thickness: 9.0mm
Weight: 2.0Kg

3) Medium type: measurement:  240mmm * 290mm
Thickness: 9.0mm
Weight: 1.85Kg

When the panel is combined with Armored® UHMWPE, Kevlar®, Twaron®, Dyneema®, Spectra®, etc. to form the ballistic rifle plate.

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