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The CompassArmor® IED Bomb Disposal Search Suit is designed to provide full body protection against fragments and explosions.
The outer material of the Search Suit is constructed of fire-retardant Nomex 111 and includes the latest Kevlar new technology fibres.
The suit has five separate components:
i) Body armour, which provides front, back, overlapping side, shoulder and complete arm protection,
ii) Removable large collar,
iii) Trousers providing complete leg protection,
iv) Removable groin protector,
v) Helmet & Visor: These, in conjunction with the search suit’s high collar, provide maximum protection.
All soft armor panels are removable.
The IED Search Suit is designed for specialists Military and Police search teams looking for Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), mines and other forms of explosive devices. The suit provides full body protection against fragments and explosions. The standard suit offers a V50 of 450 m/s and is supplied with a Helmet and Visor. Other levels of protection are also available including a lightweight suit with a V50 of 300m/s and a higher specification suit with a v50 of 600 m/s, plus Suit with blast plates: V50 – 1000 m/s+.
The suit is made up of the following components:
• Helmet & Visor protection
• Body armour providing front, back, side and shoulder protection
• Trousers
• Removable collar
• Removable groin Protector
• Removable ballistic panels sealed in waterproof heat sealed PVC armour bags
• Outer cover fabric is water, fire and chemical proof

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