Compass Armor Ballistic Panels for Vehicle

Product Details:

Solution for Armored Vehicle / Vessel / Boat / Tank / etc.
(Meets US – STD –NIJ 0108.01/0101.04 Level III, III+ and IV)
Ultra lightweight Ballistic Protective Panel is made from 100% UHMW Polyethylene Unidirectional (UD) fibers (ARMOREDTM UHMWPE). It meets NIJ standard 0108.01/0101.04 level IIIA and III/+ stand alone after lamination of a prescribed number layers by the thermo formable adhesive. When the panel bonds to ceramic tiles, it gets to Level NIJ IV.
Typical applications are for Armored Vehicle, Bulletproof VIP Car, Ballistic protective Door, Boat, Wall, Fold, Vessel, movable Police / Military Shield (Option for the open window of the bulletproof glass), etc.
Above bulletproof panels are customized designs by the Sketch / Drawing of various vehicles, reserving the screw holes.

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