Armor Aircraft and Land Protective Armor

Add-on Protective Armor Solution

Our Armored Technology provides high performance protection against ballistic attacks. It is used on a variety of military tactical vehicles including fixed and rotary wing aircraft and naval vessels. Both modular and permanent solutions can be easily installed without any tools. Our Armor offers superior strength – five times stronger than commercial hook and loop products.

Spall Liner – Interior Vehicle Armor Protection

Armored® Spall Liner is a supplemental tactical vehicle armor solution that provides protection against small caliber ballistics and fragments on a variety of military tactical and armored vehicles. This patented armor solution insures maximum protection with the flexibility to fit various vehicle types. Since its debut in 2005, Spall Liner has earned the reputation of saving lives and protecting assets.

Proven Protection

Deployed worldwide, Spall Liner has provided superior protection to military vehicles and personnel. Armored® products have been used in active conflicts for over 25 years on a wide variety of land vehicles and aircraft in 16 allied countries.


Spall Liner is designed to accommodate a variety of configurations tailored to the vehicle platform and threat requirements. Its attachment system is similar to the common hook-and-loop fastening system yet five times stronger. Installation and removal is quick, simple and can be made in the field without special tools. Spall Liner does not interfere with the vehicle’s inside mechanical and electrical components.

Features & Benefits

Interior Land Armor

Aircraft Armor – Advanced composite add-on armor solution

Our Armored Technology is an advanced composite add-on armor solution that provides high-performance ballistic protection to military aircraft and the flight crew. Our Armor is used by 16 allied countries and installed in over 40 different aircraft platforms deployed around the world.


Since 1995, Armor has provided ultimate protection from small arms fire on hundreds of C-130J, C-130E/H C-5, and C-17s including several other aircraft platforms. Utilizing unique, high-performance material, Armor outperforms traditional materials like steel, aluminum, nylon and polyesters. Formulas are tailored to defeat primary small arms threats and higher caliber munitions at stand-off distance. Armor features a superb attachment system–five times stronger than commercial products.

Features & Benefits

Interior Aircraft Armor

Rotary Wing Armor – Protective, Add-On Armor for Rotary Wing Aircraft

For over 20 years, our business has been the largest global provider of add-on aircraft armor. Our Armored Technology is a protective, lightweight armor solution that provides high performance ballistic protection for fixed wing transport and rotary wing platforms.

Proven Capabilities

Since its debut in Operation Desert Storm in 1991, Armor has protected thousands of combat air and land vehicles. Today it is installed in over 40 different aircraft and in 16 allied countries around the world. Armor is used by the armed forces, U.S. Military, foreign allies, commercial OEMs, and law enforcement agencies.

Features & Benefits

Interior Rotary Wing Armor

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