A Bullet-Proof Armor is an external protection against combats, terrorizing situations involving arms and ammunitions and any other attack by fiends. Primarily used in the defense industry, these armors are clad by soldiers to safeguard themselves from the impact of a firearm, rendering them incapable of being seriously injured.  These protective coverings are predominantly made of many layers of fiber juxtaposed with metallic and ceramic plates. This enables protection to the wearer from guns, small fragmented bomb such as hand grenades and other minor explosions. Bullet-proof armor is a widely used gear in the defense category and therefore, it is interesting to note certain facts of this shielding component.

Facts About Bullet-Proof Armor

The range of Bullet-Proof Armor entails jackets, vests and tyres. The ballistic panels of these bullet-proof armories is made of a carrier and fiber. In addition to this, a trauma pad is also attached to the armor, which helps in minimizing the intensity of the attack. Enunciated below are some Facts About Bullet-Proof Armor:

Armories made to protect military personnel are now being crafted using precision engineering. With defense strategies gaining momentum owing to pressures from neighboring enemies, manufacturers are going all out, to create state-of-the art bullet-proof armor, to ensure maximum protection.

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